Rajat Prasanna
‘Bansuri/ - the sound of the reed, is an instrument close to nature. Needless to say,, it connects to the audience through its reposeful, meditative and lyrical sound. These aural qualities of the bansuri are on account of its origin amidst ‘pastoralists.’ The instrument was conceived in the lay of – the streams, the mountains and the flora and fauna – being the ultimate source of inspiration. The flute was adapted and popularized for the audience at large in concerts by flautists like Late Pandit Raghunath Prasanna of the Benaras Gharana and Pandit Pannalal Ghosh. The Prasanna family was initiated to the instrument by his grandfather at the age of six and continues to be trained in traditions of their Gharana by his hather Shri Ravi Shankar Prasanna.

The long hours of relentless riyaz has honed in him a keen sense of sur and taal. His disciplined induction into music enabled him to give his first public performance at the age of eleven. Since then he has been regularly playing at various national and international music forums. Times Music has released a repertoire of his ragas and dhuns titled Dharohar – 2. His album features in the series called the Hidden Gems by Mystica Music.

The elegance of his art has been appreciated by listeners across the globe. In his hand, the bansuri seems to transform from the sound of the reed to that of the soul.